THE HOPEFUL ROMANTIC (guest blogger): Dear Mama

Today I have a special post from one of the coolest UK Amiga’s I have met by being an Internet Social Butterfly (and a serial blogger, LoL). Like everyone else who has become socially inclined to communicate with current friends, reconnect with some people from their past, network to form business relationships and possibly build new friendships from around the world through a variety of social networks. My experience thus far has been a pleasant one by getting to know another new person in my life that has common or various interests and goals.

I am excited to share with you her post about a Wonderful Woman who has been of great inspiration and support in her life. I would like to welcome and introduce The Hopeful Romantic, Muchas Gracias THR! (pssst tweet hello to her too @TheHopefulRom)  😉

written by: The Hopeful Romantic

My mother is the ultimate dichotomy: funny, loving, welcoming, patient… yet impulsive, unpredictable and in some ways very, very, spoiled. And I wouldn’t change her for the all the candy in the Hershey’s factory.

She is the woman who cares to notice the sad-looking stranger that everyone else pretends they don’t see. She is the woman who cannot and will not let you to take on disappointment and drown yourself in self-pity.
She is the woman who (along with my Dad) went without to ensure that my sisters and I always had what we needed. When the odds were stacked against us – her faith and her determination recast them. She worked those two jobs, she saved every penny she had and she taught us to dream big, think big and always act with grace.
And for all that I may or may not have received physically as I was growing up. I never felt like we went without. So, we didn’t have the latest toys and I used to wear hand me downs… but none of that mattered because that woman literally clothed me in love.
The funny thing is, I never really thought too hard about all she did for me until I nearly lost her to Breast Cancer. I won’t give you all the details that’s my Mum’s story to tell. But suffice to say, she fought one of the hardest most drawn out battles against cancer that I have been aware of… over six years on she is still here. She is still standing and she is still fighting.

Fighting to make sure that the countless children in the care system who weren’t so wanted are advocated for. Fighting to ensure that there is a positive legacy for her children’s children’s children. Fighting to ensure that my sisters and myself never allow ourselves to feel that we are “less than”.

I LOVE that woman for it. For all that she is, all that she will be, and ALL that she has inspired me to be. You can’t pick your family but I know that I am blessed to not only call her my mum, but to call her my friend. My own personal Superwoman — the Wonder Woman that she is to so many.


“My mom is a never-ending song in my heart of comfort, happiness and being. I may sometimes forget the words but I always remember the tune.”  ~Graycie Harmon

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