Raising Our Vibrations

It is up to us to seek out media that empowers and informs us, and to say NO to media that drains energy and hope. (via DailyOM)

If you happened to stumble across or if you are following me via other social networks that has led you to my blog. First let me say welcome to my QUEENdom and thank you for stopping to read this post.

It’s 4:08am in the morning and I am writing from what I like to call my wRiTeR’s R♥♥m. To get an idea of what the wRiTeR’s R♥♥m is about. I have this joke with myself when I wake up during the oddest hours of the night is when my muses want their one-on-one alone time with me, LOL. So I prolifically write or sketch out some ideas.

During the beginning, the first steps towards my childhood dream (starting my online multimedia magazine). I wanted to start the blog part of it with the wRiTeR’s R♥♥m. Which will be random thoughts about what is going on in the world these days from a positive, inspiring or optimistic point. Instead of focusing on the hopelessness or negative part of it. I would say this section is my version of letters from the editor to my readers. I will begin my posts with words of inspirations or quotes that will spark or compliment what the topic will be about. A simple saying that I came across, during my time after attending a school for Broadcast Journalism/Audio Recording & proceeding to school for Footwear & Accessory Design, was “Pura Vida!.” I plan to end my posts with that saying.

The concept of my magazine (and the blogs too) is based from how I have felt about my existence in this life ever since 9/11 happened. We not only lost 2 buildings but our sense of safety. It struck a range of emotions from compassion, support, and understanding sometimes anger, hatred, and disappointment towards one another. In 6 months it will be NYC’s 10 year memorial and in 8 months I would like to “officially” début my creativity through a multimedia platform that will raise the world’s vibrations from always receiving negativity, tragedies, and ugliness from the media.

Now is my time (and yours too!) to STOP absorbing so much of this negativity, war, chaos and despair that seems to be rising in the world. During this time I AM just being in this life. There’s a definite shift or balance that needs to take place within humanity and globally. I, You, We, Us… need to come back to a spiritual oneness within ourselves and reconnect or connect spiritually. It’s about being secure as much as we can in our environment and appreciating our existence in this life in various ways.

I will be pursuing to bring my dream into fruition by sharing with you ways we all can be inspired; become aware of our surroundings; share with one another the beauty of life; the ability to make each others hearts smile with laughter and our tears dance with joy.

Again thank you for reading, feel free to comment and you are always welcome to follow me on twitter @CityMuseMag. I look forward to having long-term “social network of neighbors” from all over the world following this blog.

See you next post. 🙂

“Pura Vida!”

xoxo, CM

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