O-W-N-E-R-S-H-I-P (pt. 3)

Owning my responsibilities
Willingness to learn more
Never giving up, stay optimistic 
Everyday begins with a clean slate 
Recognizing when I need help
Self love & self-confidence 
Helping others
Inviting new ideas into old habits
Prayer & meditation is the foundation 

Today is my sister’s birthday, she would have been 38 this year. Somehow watching the these two films with some friends, “Benjamin Buttons” and for the 2nd time “Tree of Life,” brought my sister to mind. For a quick second I wondered what her life would have been like. What our relationship as sisters would’ve been like. Even wondered what her true path would have been in this life. I found myself smiling with joy in my heart. The best way I like to acknowledge her is knowing she is happy in heaven.

With that being said, I like to ask you a question. How would you like to take ownership for yourself? Meaning, by fully realizing how you can cocreate your life with the universe and not fully accept what you are given and to stop dreaming. We must take ownership in accepting that the universe wants to gives us our hearts desires. All we have to do is have a very clear vision in what we are asking for. We are placing an order with the Creator, so to speak.

When you throw something like a small rock into the water, the ripples spread across the entire surface. The same goes for what we deserve and know is ours. By having clarity of our dreams to imagine those specific details, those thought vibrations echo throughout the world to align and attract all the necessary people, situations, and places that will bring our dreams into fruition.

This afternoon sitting by the water I think of a few lines from one of the films, about what people are born to do in their life. Now that I have a clear vision of what I will ask for, I can announce my intentions by using pure energy to design my dream in details to my specifications. My thought vibrations can (and will) echo throughout the world. By focusing on the details of my dreams daily my energy & thoughts will make it possible to build and live the life I AM meant to live.

I’m enjoying being in the moment, today is what I would like to call “my day of ownership.”

Happy birthday to my sister! 🙂

“Pura Vida!”


2 thoughts on “O-W-N-E-R-S-H-I-P (pt. 3)

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