Summer Madness

“Whatever your destiny is, remember those passions will fuel your imagination.” 

In attempt to squeeze in as much summer activities before taking off my sunglasses for the next season. I’m thinking of a way to kick off my end-of-summer days with a splash… *soft sigh* … Still can’t believe how these past 8 months have flown by.

Parallel to the changing of seasons there has been personal changes, better described as inner growths within myself. I’m not that big of a fan of the ice-cold winters but I do look forward to the beauty of natures color trends, the start of the NFL season (GO JETS!), various types of decorative pumpkin gourds, baskets of delicious apples turning into deep dishes of hot home-made baked pies, and let’s not forget those “sweater weather” fashions that romance us with style making us feel cozy during those cool breezy Autumn nights.

For some of us, especially adults like myself, those summer socials with friends will now become scholarly late nights shared among colleagues. As we prepare for the change into Fall, it will not only bring on new challenges but the excitement of growth that will open new opportunities. A new direction to explore life from a different view during the next phase towards ones destiny.

During the Fall there will be a course of serendipitous musings, the keys to natural fitness, entrepreneurial preparations, opportunities for “Sip & Chats” or “Kiss ‘n’ Tells,” seasonal trends, random musical vibes to set off the mood for the day, and a variety information shared from various resources.

Outside of my own academics, work hours, and health activities, today is the official start towards my true destiny. So with that being said, similar to a school teacher preparing for the school term of lessons & assignments for their students. I will need to dedicate my spare time to prepare quality yet entertaining posts for those random visitors, new readers & blog subscribers.

In the meantime, feel free to comment, tell a friend, tweet and “Like” my fan page.

“Pura Vida!”


Kool and the gang – Summer madness from Odie on Vimeo.

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