The Snapette Fashionista

There has been a new app for the mobile Fashionistas out there, that I recently came across. I am still with my Blackberry Smartphone 😦  womp, womp, womp…. LoL. Anyway it works the same way other apps allow people to share and discover the hot & trendy spots or foodies to share recipes, dishes, bars, etc.

Sarah Paiji and Jinhee Ahn Kim created the Snapette fashion app to enable users to share the hottest looks in footwear, accessories, jewelry from all over the globe. They were inspired to create this app based on their own shopping experience, there was no way to find out what was highly recommended from other shoppers.

Sarah and Jinhee launched the free iOS app via the 500 Startups Accelerator Program. This allows shoppers to turn to their peers making it easier to discover and find new and trending fashion items. All they would have to do is take photos of their favorite bags, shoes and accessories then post the items to Snapette, maybe comment where the items were found.

Users can also search by brand, store, description or by what’s new, near or trending, as well as comment on photos, share tips and recommendations. It becomes a “virtual closet” on their profile page that displays photos of items they’ve posted, like and want, with the option share posts on Facebook and Tumblr.

To find out more check out If you have the Snapette app, feel free to comment and share your thoughts and reviews.

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