slow cooker sunday – crockpot bbq beer chicken

Should I go back to eating chicken. This is the first recipe I will try. I will send this to Chef Evans too!

movita beaucoup

. . .

Sundays have become… not fun. Well, they are partly fun. When I close the studio door and it’s just me and my dancers at rehearsal? Fun. But when a parent comes to me and says that the rehearsal schedule is impossible to follow because it has been printed on more than one page and she has to “flip the page over?” Not fun. Then I am filled with the rage of a million white hot suns. Is that wrong? Oh, cripes. I know it is. But I’m in that place right now, people. I’m in that place where a slow moving, spatially unaware person at the grocery store just might put me over the edge.

Oh my. That feels so much better. Thanks for listening, friends. Let me tell you what else made me feel better yesterday – Slow Cooker Sunday! Before heading to the…

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