Go Beyond the Cover

I am all about NOT being judged when it comes to my gender, age, spirituality, race and my appearance. Through many past experiences, I personally have come across valuable lessons of how to respond and/or handle judgmental people. As you read & view the video…

Dermablend Professional, highly recommended as the #1 product brand by dermatologists, has released their newest campaign “Go Beyond the Cover.” Known for helping people put their best face on by using their line of cover-up products. The message with this campaign is don’t judge a book by its cover. We all know there are people who are often quick to judge a person based on their outward appearances instead of looking beyond the person and get to know their true character.

So Dermablend recruited Canadian-born fashion model & artist Rick Genest, age 26, to do their newest campaign. FYI, Rick aka Zombie Boy received that name for being tattooed up like a corpse all across his body. Watch how a team of makeup artists use tattoo primer and makeup to cover Rick’s ink. Don’t be shy get to know Rick, click here.

This is my creative solution and response to those who like to judge others who are unique in their own way. Be Inspired, feel free to comment.


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