Fork ‘n’ The Road (NYC): Sons of Essex


I have this love for NYC that flows through me.  For those who do not know, Brooklyn, Spanish Harlem, & the Bronx are barrios that will always be at the top of my “love list” followed by shoes, smiling, Bob Marley, sunflowers, peacocks, Graffiti, Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park’s Literary Row, U2, balloons, and to be honest once in a blue moon, the Lower East Side aka L.E.S.

These are parts of NYC that has become the inspiration that breathes air into my lungs, the firey passion that flows through my veins, the street melodies that makes my heart beat and its vibrant realities that remind me how blessed I am and make me feel alive! As well as giving birth to many graffiti artists who have literally “tagged” the city with expressions of colorful art.

After watching this video, it just sparked many memories of great times I had just vibing all through the Bx, Bk, and the L.E.S. streets with friends and fellow creatives. What was once known as the Mason Dixon, the Sons of Essex, at 133 Essex, has officially opened it doors to the public. In September, Sons of Essex was exclusive and L.E.S.’s hidden gem that is best described as a restaurant, some say a town hall and a Bodega (for those who do not know a Bodega is a neighborhood deli/corner store). I’m all for hot spots that have a low-key lounge feel to it. Artists, Celebs and Designers have graced the L.E.S. vibing at Sons of Essex.

Check the video and come through…


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