H.♥.M.E.S.: (eCo)uture, Sitting on Art

Deckstool – Recycled Skateboard Furniture

Deckstool began with the founders and brothers Adam and Jason Podlaski. There was an opportunity for them to start this venture due to Adam handing over to Jason a pile of his broken skateboards wondering how it can be turned into furniture.

The two brothers designs are inspired by skateboarding and engineered based upon the break in the skateboards during its use. Jason and Adam’s recycling program consists of collecting old broken skateboards from independent skate shops or found in city parks through out the U.S. and Canada.

The money raised through this recycling program helps fund independent skateboard shops or fund skateboard projects. The brothers are focused on supporting skateboarding and skateboarding related projects through their recycling program as well as designing artful stools that will last forever.

3 thoughts on “H.♥.M.E.S.: (eCo)uture, Sitting on Art

  1. Ich hätte es nicht besser schreiben können. Bitte füge doch noch ein Video in den Artikel ein, dann ist der Eintrag noch besser.

    Viele Grüsse
    Jenny – Ich schaue gleich die Wiederholung vom Supertalent, bis Bald :-).

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