OPERATION DOT Mission #24: Take a smile / Prend un sourire



A few hours behind the computer, browsing through our collection of smile pictures and like magic, it appeared like grand ideas do. A few photocopies later, Gina and I were strolling down the streets posting our inspiring signs everywhere. It felt just so nice to be able to offer smiles in a new and fun way. We spent all day running around town like kids checking each flyer and counting the smiles that had been shared. Giving smiles and taking them in the process turned into a really beautiful exchange…try it, it is just a click, print and post away! Quelques heures derrière l’ordinateur à redécouvrir notre collection de photos de sourires et comme par magie, l’idée de génie nous frappa. Quelques photocopies plus tard, Gina et moi  partirent gambader dans les rues pour afficher nos posters un peu partout. Qu’il est bon d’être en mesure d’offrir des sourires…

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