Muse #3: New World

Happy New Year!

2012 has officially kicked off and I would like to say we create somewhat of a landscape in our minds eye also known as New Year’s resolutions.

I would like to note that from my point of view or how I saw 2011.  Last year was about new beginnings and purity.  A year to balance work & play, higher ideals, inventions, fulfillment, and vision.  Those sensitive to vibrational frequencies may have experienced some sort of conscious awareness or a physical connection that would help them realign, reaffirm, reconnect, or re-establish themselves.  Throughout the year 2012, if everyone is paying attention will notice the results from last year.

With so many platforms to keep you abreast of what is going on in the world and report the life changes that will lead to the end of the world in a material way.  Even open our minds to the thought of the end of the world both spiritually & physically.

This month’s muse will be the first of 12 months of musings that will explore interesting ways social, economical, lifestyle, and cultural evolution will become this “New World.”

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