Announcement: Posting Frequency

I hope everyone has had a fantastic start for the new year.

This is an announcement to let my readers aka “neighbors” know that, throughout the rest of the month of January, my frequency of posting will include past scheduled December posts that were not published due to unforeseen technical circumstances.

During this period, there will be some changes with the City Muse blog. All information from the beauty & style and the love & life section. As of January 11, 2012 and going forward all posts related to these topics will fall under the Haute Muse Social (beauty & style) or Memoirs (love & life) categories.

The decision on November 11, 2011 to officially step into the arena of being a professional independent publisher/writer has definitely been a roller coaster of emotions from the thrill of an exciting new journey to discouraging let-downs and challenges with technical issues. The future of where this platform will be headed is still very exciting. These restructuring process and my goals for City Muse Magazine will hopefully open doors of opportunity for a prosperous, abundant, successful, joyful journey in the many years to come.

For those interested in contributing ideas for City Muse Magazine’s content click on Luv2Write, for more info.

I greatly appreciate your patience and understanding, and thank you very much to all have shown love and support.

Pura Vida!

CrissyM, Founder

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