Muse #5: Soul Evolution

“Dreams are the illustrations from the book your soul is writing about you.”  ~Marsha Norman

In 2001, I started a virtual journal as a way to exercise my brain, sharpen my writing skills and as a way to deal with what happened in New York City in September.  Throughout the years (and prior to 2001) I’ve had many serendipitous experiences growing up and living in New York.  It has been year ago, this month, when I decided to reorganize and restructure my original ideas  into a brand and further develop my writing skills by joining the world of professional blogging.

After weathering some challenging typhoons, City Muse leaps from one month and marches into a new month like a lion.  With day-to-day responsibilities and obligations this months’ musings will be about giving back, awareness, and what is out there that could be brought into your communities.  People thrive off of the energy, excitement, and the diversity that pulsates throughout the city and usually want to give to the communities in which they live.

Let this months’ musings be the “Soul Evolution” of ways to give back or grow our communities and my month celebrating the day I was born into this life!

Happy Birthday to Me, Pura Vida!!!!!

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