Muse #6: Inner Child

“It’s all about oneness with your spirit that will nourish your soul.” 

As a little girl,  I remember the preparations the night before for Easter Sunday, Mum’s cooking lamb with mint jelly, vegetables & I think rice along with it.  While my brother and I would watch the Easter cartoon specials, like Fat Albert or Charlie Brown. 

Me feeling excited about having a fresh hairstyle, my new Easter outfit which would be another new suit, shoes & a tie or bow tie and a fresh hair cut for my brother. For me it was a new pretty dress if my Mum had time she would sew one herself, I would have my hair done the day before, a new pair of patent leather shoes, lace gloves & my Easter hat that I wouldn’t keep on for too long.

Oh! how could I forget, the surprise Mum would leave in our room when we would wake up Easter Sunday morning with an Easter basket filled with toys and candy.  I think we lucked out with two each because grams would have Easter baskets or chocolate Easter bunnies and chocolate Easter eggs.

Having those fond memories is great for the soul.  Maturing into adulthood, adapting to the day-to-day hustle & grind becoming overworked and stressed.  For most of us life, at times, has become complex and exhausting.  In a world of harshness we need to take the time to soften our hearts, expand our minds and remember that inner child within us.  Take a break from what we are doing or step back from being wrapped in our thoughts and from things that are occupying our minds.  

Spending time spiritually, mentally and physically to allow our spirit and body to heal and re-energize by reconnecting with our inner self, sometimes with our inner child as well.  There may be those who disagree and feel by doing this it’s unproductive and a bit on the new age trip but the reality is how productive can your life when your  spiritual and physical well-being is not balanced or in alignment.

Come back to the what is truly essential for us, like our oneness with the divine and the universe. Our inner peace, our passions that brings so much joy to our soul.

After I spent time nourishing my spirit this past Sunday, I spent some time walking down Fifth Avenue during the Easter Bonnet Parade to witness the joys that people spent expressing their inner child in creative and inventive ways with their loved ones.   I was able to take photos which you will see in the following posts within the week.

I got to see how the inner child in these adults freed them from the constraints of what some may call the “adult world.”  The imagination was allowed to roam.  Who knows maybe for some people communing with their natural inner child, prompts them to rediscover joy and come up with creative solutions to handle particular situations, issues, people and experiences.  In other instances reconnecting with our inner child helps us to reconnect with the purity and innocence that etched in our hearts. 

Hope everyone has had a joyful Easter Sunday. 

Pura Vida!

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