C My StyLe (street style): Metropolitan Museum

Hola Neighbor!

Today I am going to try something for the Haute Muse Social, a new series called “C My Style.”  A few street style pics from my mind’s eye of people whom I found to be creative, effortless, unique and/or stylish.

This photo of this woman was taken last October at the Metropolitan Museum while I was attending the Stieglitz exhibit (which I enjoyed!).  I wish I could say there is a great story that proceeds this photo but there isn’t.

I found it inspiring that she and her husband had spent the day together enjoying each other’s company and they were both art enthusiasts.  I found her to be an artist in spirit just for the blue color she added to her hair… “just because.”

Should she or someone who knows her comes across this post.  I would like to thank her for her kindness to let me take a quick snapshot of her.  It was a pleasure to speak with her and her husband.






Pura Vida! 

xoxo, CrissyM


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