New York’s Rosebud Derby

Since 1875, the Kentucky Derby has become the most recognized sporting events in the world. As the races grew to become more and more popular so did the vibrant flair and fun with fashion of its attendees wearing over-the-top, head turning crowns artistically crafted with flamboyant embellishments.

On Easter Sunday at the Bonnet Parade, New York’s Rosebud Derby Collection was at the crossing as onlookers raced to take pictures of designer and founder Harriet Rosebud wearing one of her hats.

Harriet Rosebud resides in New York’s Sugar Hill section of Harlem.  She is originally a Floridian from St. Petersburg, were she also earned a BS degree in Political Science at Florida State University.  Harriet’s motivation for her “wearable art” has been inspired by the designs within a butterfly’s wings.

Her creative spirit had been cocooned waiting to be reborn into her destiny.  The love for colors, textures, and shapes soon lead her on a creative path to return to school to study Millinery at Fashion Institute of Technology.  She did work in the Millinery industry until the rebirth of her passions along with combining her ability in Millinery Arts and Political Science, she began her own business named, Rosebud of New York.  While being the head of her company Harriet Rosebud has taught and composed seminars about the Power of the Crown within the African-American culture.

These hats are bold, vibrant, colorful with wide open brims just like a butterfly and her signature style.  For more photos of Harriet Rosebud’s new 2012 Derby Collection go to 


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