C My StyLe (street style): CoCo and Breezy on 125th Street

MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA, United States – Today was a definitely a serendipitous day for me.  I LOVE LOVE days like this!! 🙂 I kicked off my day with a childhood friend (from our days of attending a children’s theater school together in Spanish Harlem) and her Madre.  While the 3 of us where in the midst of bringing a joyful morning and part of the early afternoon to an end to go our separate ways.  My day of “happy accidents” continued when we saw identical twins, CoCo and Breezy walking towards our direction with their very proud Mother who came to visit.

CoCo and Breezy are Minnesota natives, made a decision 3 months into starting their business to leave their home town, in September 2009, to rule their destiny here in New York.

These 20-year-old “Haute Socialites” are eyewear & accessory designers and owners of CoCoandBreezy.com, known to the underground and online fashion scene for their signature look as well as their edgy & unique designs.

At the 2009 VMA’s, CoCo and Breezy’s eyewear has been worn by designer/stylist Ugo Mozie and Angie, the “1st Lady” of the group, Retro Kids.  The blessings continue to flourish for the twin sensations of the underground world of fashion with Rhianna to Amber Rose to Lady Gaga and Beyonce rocking a pair of CoCo Breezy’s eyewear.

The edgy “dynamic duo” or “wonder twins” of style decision to come to the Empire State to build their QUEENdom, within 6 months of arriving, has definitely been a blessing for these sisters.

check out their promotional video for their new Appetizer Varsity Jacket…

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