Hey Neighbors!

I thought I begin to share my vibes with everyone certain tunes which gives my soul that early morning vibe starter to how I will create my day or mid-day energy boost.  This morning I over slept & with so much Saturday morning chores that needs to get done,  my morning vibe I woke up to was Kimbra’s song “Warrior” on my radio alarm.

Having Bob Marley, U2,  Mos Def, Jill Scott, India Arie & all 80’s music, my usual rotation “energy boost/free-spirit” song list… Foster the People (who I LOVE LOVE LOVE!) & now Kimbra have been added to my song list rotation.

Here’s Kimbra’s latest video featuring Mark Foster (Foster the People) and electro house & hip hop Dj, A-Trak.

Tune in to Kimbra’s video (see below) and  be sure to click over for City Muse’s, BARtini bLoCk pArTy (on the right side of the blog) to view Kimbra’s video again also Foster the People’s latest video “Houdini.”

Now, let’s get this bLocK pArTy started… WOOOOOO HOOOO HOOOO!!!!!!

Happy Saturday & enjoy the long Memorial Day holiday weekend!

Pura Vida!

New Zealand born, singer/songwriter/musician, Kimbra from her début album “Vows.”

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