wRiTeR’s R♥♥m  | AUGUST 2012 | Musings #7-10

“Opportunities to find deeper powers within ourselves come when life seems most challenging.” ~Joseph Campbell

Hola Migentes!

YES! it HAS been awhile since I last typed in the wRiTeR’s R♥♥m and my apologies.  This month I decided to go with a few inspiring quotes that would be proper for this month’s musing as well as the musings missed during the months of May thru July.

The word you are reading for August is “Re-Envision.” For the young readers, Envision (v.) means to picture to oneself.  The reason I chose this particular word had to do with a message I heard in June, I will do my best to share with you my brief interpretation, it was about ones true calling… their chosen purpose… life’s destiny and how unfortunate circumstances, personal hardships or the overwhelming craziness that is happening in the world.  How it all can break us or entangle us in a web so thick that we become lost in it all and/or distant from seeing the greater purpose in our lives.   That night, that message motivated me to write a poem & the next day take a photographed self-portrait as well.  I needed this!

(above: snippet of my poem & photographed self-portrait)

Lately, I had felt unsure of my capabilities, a disappointment to my family, even a failure.  That night this message was the strength booster I needed and felt someone else in this world will need that same strength booster or confidence booster too! The clarity that I WE are not alone, we need to RE-ENVISION our life’s greater purpose.  We all need to help one another, remember our creator, be strong and be empowered.  Right now the first thing is to enhance our spiritual connections.  Don’t be afraid to be ambitious, develop an attitude of abundance even improve your level of prosperity.  Just remember it is all possible through a Divine power who loves us all. 😀

I am looking forward to my greater purpose in this life as well as going as far as I can with what I am passionate about, and you should too!! This month I would like to share with everyone what I’ve come across at the industry trade shows.

With the London Olympics in full gear (JEAH! #TeamLochte; #TeamHaiti; #TeamCuba; #TeamBrazil; #TeamBolt; #TeamGabby) with #TeamUSA in 2nd place to bring home the most Olympic medals (woohoo!).   Don’t forget watching & cheering for the first double amputee qualified for the London 2012 Olympics, Oscar Pistorius, South Africa’s “Blade Runner.”  Yes, I am for #TeamPistorius too!! I find joy in typing that I came across an artistic version of the Olympics.  I was amazed and inspired by a group of dancers with disabilities who performed at one of Lincoln Center’s free summer “Out-of-Doors” series.  Yep, I could say there’s was a “Park Ave inspired Olympics” as well.

I am excited about sharing with everyone the fashionable mobile accessories I came across; how Africa feels exotic, artistic, & chic in Savannah, Georgia; introduce a way to Be You Naturally; vegan for your soles; Paris’ Burlesque Runway; and S♥LEmates filled with the love of Ghana.  Along with my serendipitous posts throughout the month.

I would like to say thank you in advance to those vendors/designers who were very gracious towards me at the trade shows, it was a pleasure to meet all of you! 😀  

Also, thank YOU for visiting and spending your time to read my Editor’s Note.  I hope to have you back as a regular neighbor for what’s to come.  Well, I have a ton of photos, from the trade shows & other places, to organize & label so I can begin posting them the week of August 13th.  Before I close the door to my wRiTeR’s R♥♥m, I would like to share with everyone this last quote… see you again next week!

“I loved words. I love to sing them and speak them and even now, I must admit, I have fallen into the joy of writing them.”  ~Anne Rice

Pura Vida!


@CityMuse & @iLoveCMstyle

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