What is YOUR Greatness?

wRiTe FiT | NIKE


The 2012 London Olympics has come to an end with awesome performances for the closing ceremony.  One of Greatness for Great Britain.  To extend the momentum and advocating GREATNESS from London, UK to London, Ohio.  Nike did an ad campaign featuring a teenager running down this road.  His name is Nathan Sorrell, weighs 200 lbs. at the young age of 12.   Nathan admitted how it was rough to do the commercial and admits he got a little ill.

On NBC’s Today Show, the young teen & his mom spoke honestly with Matt Lauer about receiving both positive and negative feedback when the Nike campaign was released.  Viewers were inspired by Nathan and expressed support while others felt Nike was exploiting the teen.  Yes, he is overweight for his age but honestly I am inspired by Nathan for his courage after he watched himself in the ad to be proactive to make a change in his life beginning with his health.

In my family I’ve lost loved ones due to heart disease.  I have bronchial asthma & have high cholesterol with concerns to not end up with heart disease too.   June 2011 I joined NIKE’s run club as a run/walker (btw, awesome pacers & runners in the run club); began yoga & playing tennis; bike riding; September 2011 I did my 1st 5K for Breast Cancer Awareness; and volunteered for the 2011 ING Marathon.  Then fortunately pulled away due to a ton of things that occured in other areas of my life.  I MISS IT!! To be honest being away for so long taking care of other things in my personal life has caused me to lose focus on my health, feeling a bit defeated too. But never giving up on making my way back to what I started.  Nathan Sorrell is an inspiration and Nike is great for having this campaign that will hopefully continue to inspire & motivate others to live life healthier.


Do you feel Nathan was exploited or was this inspiring?

Have you found your GREATNESS? Tell us what is & how you did it. 

Share your thoughts & comments.

Thank you for reading, be sure to visit again soon!

Pura Vida!


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