The Haute Socialites of #MBFW, #NYFW, #FNO

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Hola Migentes!

Fashion Week and Fashions Night out has officially arrived. As usual my day of “life’s happy accidents” has begun as well. Since it is now 2:17am and I am EXTREMELY GRATEFUL for the blessings I have received but I am EXHAUSTED, I apologize for the lack of text but after going thru the many photos I have taken, here are as much photos to post as I can unless I get toothpicks to hold up my eyelids.

Also I deeply apologize in advance for any names I have missed for those in the photos and should anyone know please email me directly  If anyone re-post on their site or blog don’t forget to give a friendly shout-out to the original source, @CityMuseMag & @iLoveCMstyle of City Muse Magazine.

JeanieMai of Style Network’s “How Do I Look?” a.k.a “The Wearapist”

Here from Michigan, celebrity stylist, KevCouture. YES, this is his day-to-day style on the regular.  He’s genuinely humble and a  nice guy to meet, I even teased him about being a celeb himself, getting interviewed, being paparazzied, and one day being knighted by the Queen as Sir Kev Couture, LOL.  After sharing laughs & jokes about it all, he remains modest with a great sense of humor… Kev is natural and organic with great style.

Style and Smiles, Kev Couture with Claire Sulmers of The Fashion Bomb Daily

Kyle Anderson, Accessories Director at Marie Claire

view Kyle’s links Kyle Editor and Appointment with Kyle.

Alexander Liang of Kenton Magazine

June Ambrose arrives #MBFW with her baby girl and below poses with Kev Couture.

Kev Couture with wardrope stylist, Mary Dyann and wardrobe consultant & personal shopper, Zayna Style.

more to come…

2 thoughts on “The Haute Socialites of #MBFW, #NYFW, #FNO

    • Hi Courtney.

      I know! It was as much of a fashion show outside Lincoln Center that was as fabulous on the runways inside the big tents.

      p.s. I enjoy reading your blog 🙂


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