C My StyLe (street style): The Bantu Girl

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…at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week for the S/S 2013 collections.

While taking photos day 1 of MBFW s/s 2013 at Lincoln Center, I had the joy of taking a quick “street style ” photo and meeting Neema of The Bantu Girl.  (As Neema writes in her blog) she’s a Nomadic Bantu arriving from a small village not far from NYC, joining the world of fashion & media execs, designers, fashionistas, style icons, and fashion aficionados. All anxiously waiting for the Arise Magazine fashion show under the main tent to begin (which I had the blessing of attending as well).

{FYI… best explained by Neema the phrase “Nomadic Bantu” is meant as an oxymoron. The Bantu People are not Nomadic, the people of Africa are divided into three groups people regardless of tribe or countries — Bantu, Cushite and Nilote.}

To shop for bangles like the set Neema is wearing, stop by the Malcolm Shabazz African Market in Harlem.
The Metropolitan Museum sells the same bangles too. I purchased a pair, on sale, this past June (see below).

Neema inspired me to put together one outfit that I would definitely mix it up with some great African accessories.

Feel free to comment and be Inspired by the beautiful “Bantu Girl” by visiting City Muse’s fan page to post photos of your Bantu style on our wall.

Thank’s again Neema for taking a minute to pose for a photo.

Be sure to visit Neema’s blog THE BANTU GIRL

*note: To get a general description of who the Bantu People are, I welcome everyone to read more about it here.

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      Sometimes I have fun typing “Hola, bienvenidos a mi QUEENdom!” *giggles* 😉

      Thank you kindly for your comment, your support to becoming a regular reader, and thank you for taking the time to visit.

      I have begun following you on twitter & BlogLovin.

      Happy blogging!
      CM 🙂

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