F◕‿◕D fight!: SPOOKtacular Treats


Well it’s one full week into the Autumn, hope everyone is enjoying it so far?  I usually get sad when it comes to the end of the summer, especially when I do not get to go to the beach as often as I would LOVE to! I do enjoy the arrival of Autumn because of the beautiful colors of nature and going apple or pumpkin picking.

On a rainy day, I decided to have some fun wearing my quirky rain boots which looks like a pre-schooler drew all over them, LOL… but I thought it would be a fun pair to wear on a gloomy day.

See, looks like crayola madness right, LOL. Then put on these cute faux tortoise flats (via Old Navy) when I arrived at the office.

This week I have come across plenty of BOOlicious Halloween treat for kids to make with their parents. I also came across this cutest Halloween decorations for the entire family.

Halloween Mini Favor Bag, via JoAnn Fabric & Craft Stores

https://i2.wp.com/funeasyrecipesforkids.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/Screen-shot-2012-10-25-at-12.17.55-AM.png Batty Cupcakes, via Family Food Ideas

Cornmeal Cheddar “Bones,” via Cabot Recipe

Popcorn and Candy Corn Witch Hands, via What to Expect


Stawberry Ghosts, via Taste of Home


Brain Cupcakes, via Not So Humble Pie


what you will need:
 pretzel sticks (un-salted or lightly salted), cheese (choice of mozzarella or white american), and chive (this is to wrap the cheese around the pretzels).  Enjoy some of the Halloween ideas I came across (so far) this week at Pier 1 Imports click here to buy decorations.

Pier 1 Imports had so many cute ideas, I might have to continue in another post.

The photos below are of this man who has traveled over 53 cities playing his piano in parks and this is his dog, Brando.

It’s been fun and we are starving. Time for us to eat this delicious tofu & pineapple fried rice topped with cashews at MEE NOODLES.

Thanks for visiting, see you next time! 😉

*NOTE: photo credits: via Pinterest for delicious Halloween treats
photo credit: (c) 2012 p.InK.e.

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