Photo-of-the-day (November Celebrates): Native American Heritage Month


In remembrance, Wanbli Ohitika (in the Lakota language means Brave Eagle) aka Russell Means, who was battling esophageal cancer, crossed over last week on October 22nd in Porcupine, South Dakota.  Wanbli Ohitika was an activist, writer, politician, musician, and known actor of many films: The Last of the Mohicans, Natural Born Killers, Windrunner, Sitting Bull, Into the West; tv-movie: The Pathfinder; and voice over actor in two Disney videos: Pocahontas & Pocahontas II.  Ohitika was greatly known for his leadership as an activist for Indigenous people.

I’m still working on my research on Wanbli Ohitika for a later post.  I did not want to forget the spirit of a Brave Eagle while mentioning the celebration of Native American Heritage.

photo: statue of a Taino in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico

In the meantime, please join the nations as the month of November marks the celebration of Native American Heritage.  A full month of paying homage to the rich ancestry and indigenous traditions of ALL nations.

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