Bond. James Bond… Christmas Gifts for Him Under $50

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James Bond legends.photo2*cue in Bond’s theme music*

50 years ago the first James Bond film, “Dr. No, premiered in theaters.  From the success of the first Bond film over a dozen movies featuring the iconic English spy has become a success with many of the fans.  After seeing SKYFALL twice, I thought I would have some fun and do my version of 50 years of James Bond.  Oh, if you have not seen SKYFALL yet, what are you waiting for?? Anyway here are my Christmas gift picks under $50.00, from this unique website, Uncommon Goods, that would be cool gifts for the savvy lover in your life.


SC & DC as James Bond.collage

Wood Bowtie, $32.00

Wood Bowtie


George Lazenby as James Bond

The Shot Flask, $25.00

The Shot Flask.UnCommonGoods

Bomb Keychain & Bottle Opener, $15.00

Bomb Keychain & Bottle Opener


James Bond collage

Cocktail Dice Shaker, $34.00

Cocktail Dice Shaker


Bond car & Q gadgets.collageI know the next two items are not under fifty bucks but seriously how cool are both of these cuff links for the guys…very 007 inspired… right?

Silver USB Cuff Links. $100.00

Silver USB Cuff Links

Wi-Fi & USB Cuff Links, $250.00

Wi-Fi & USB Cuff LinksI will share more Christmas gift ideas for the fellas within the week to come.

Be sure to visit again.  If you are going to purchase please feel free to comment and share your awesome 007 Christmas gift experience with us! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Bond. James Bond… Christmas Gifts for Him Under $50

    • Hi Jo,

      I know, right?! :)) Although I picked this as a unique gift for the guys, I would wear this myself .

      Thank you for visiting and thank you for your comment to this post.


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