A Cozy Rustic Winter to Warm Your Soul


My favorite and most memorable childhood memory are of heavy winter blizzards when our mum would wake us up in the middle of the night, put on our thermal undies underneath our clothes, bundle us up in one piece snow suits, thick wool or knit socks, snow boots, scarfs, hats, and mittens so she can take us outside to play in the snow. It was always exciting for us to go out into the stillness of the night looking at a sea of whiteness.  Mother nature dressing bare trees in layers and covering whatever was green in blankets of white snow.

We would be the first to run and dive into the deep waves of fresh fallen snow.  Having the winter’s chill kissing our cheeks and noses.  There was joy in being the first in our neighborhood to play in the snow.  We would have snow ball fights, make snowmen then lay down watching the snow falling from the night sky, dancing around our faces and tasting the snowflakes while making snow angles.

Winter is being free, playful, silly, and laughing hysterically with your parents siblings, and friends.  Winter is enjoying mum’s homemade deserts and a cup of hot cocoa with marshmallows oozing with whip cream (I know right!!!).  I will admit, I am very much into the beach life (Caribbean or Florida) and the awesome New York City summers.  But winter?? I have my moments when winter in the city has not been my best friend but I do make the best of it wearing cozy knits, faux furs, drinking hot cocoa with marshmallows or whipped cream.  Waking up underneath wool, knit, or thick comforters listening to the blue jays singing to each other in the trees (the blue jays always reminds me of Florida mornings, which I miss so much) and looking out my window catching natures beauty when the glow of the sun softly touches the neck of her horizons.


Bulky warm knits in colors of whites, reds, blues,  greens, yellows, oatmeals, and pumpkin oranges.  Left over candy canes, hearty winter meals, rustic chilly nights under big cozy blankets sipping cocoa maybe a glass of milk and delicious cookies fresh from the oven.  Bringing together warm winter memories.

I am personally a, mittens with a cool ski jacket that has to have a hood and a leather gloves with faux fur jackets/faux fur vests type of gal.  I wore ear muffs in the past — it’s a NO BUENO for me but I do enjoy wearing cute & stylish hats, crochet scarfs, cowl scarfs, crochet/knit ponchos with hoods and big & cozy sweaters.





I don’t seem to have photos from our childhood, if I remember correctly one of my parents has them.  At least I hope my mum took pictures of us then? 😦 In the meantime, I put together a photo collage of a cozy rustic winter to warm your soul and accessorize your wardrobe or home.




note: my jacket was purchased at ZARA sometime in October of 2011 on sale from $99 to $19 — YES, I typed it correctly.

navy blue accessories.collage

After watching Ku’s show of his latest collection, I really like some of his bulky crochet sweaters and cowl neck scarfs in warm shades of blues.  I wanted to share the video from Johan Ku’s website, of his 2012-2013 Autumn/Winter collection, “THE VISION BLUE.”






Today’s post was a great inspiration and submitted to the IFB Project: Winter Accessory Essentials.  If you would like to view more winter inspiration be sure to click on the above link in this paragraph. Please feel free to share your thoughts, if you have a question about any of the items in the collage feel free to leave me a comment.

*Polaroid photos (c) 2013 LeidhiBugSOL for City Muse
*collage of photos are credited to various favorite tumblr blogs I enjoy viewing.  A few from Bergdorf Goodman and Free People online stores.

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