The Golden LOBES, Best EARRING Bling


Sunday night at the 2013 Golden Globes, the celebrity style on the red carpet was absolutely amazing.  This year’s award season kicked off with dapper tuxedos, mermaid/fishtail gowns, beautiful hairstyles and jewels in a sea of glamour, elegance and sophistication.  For me it was refreshing to watch and be able to express more “wow’s!” and less “WTF’s?!”

Today, after my morning run, I begin my day refreshed and ready with a big cup of herbal tea and my daily morning reads.  As I’m sitting here pumpin’ my 80s Pandora mix, I’m excited to participate in the next IFB project of the week.  This post is a submission for Your Best Earring Bling.

I would like to welcome everyone to the Haute Muse Social’s, Golden LOBES Best EARRING Bling.

Here are my picks to accentuate those earlobes. 


In this category, the ROCKER’S DELIGHT are sharp silhouettes or metal spikes that give an eclectic chic edge to rhinestones.  And the Golden LOBE nominees for the best earring bling are:

1. G-STAGE for the ‘Icy Spike Dangling’ earring, $5.80

2. ASOS for the ‘2 Pack Rhinestone & Spike Stud’ cuff earring, $10.55

3. ASOS for the ‘Rhinestone Spike Doorknocker’ earring, $43.98

4. MISS SELFRIDGE for the ‘Crystal Spike Stud’ earring, $7.00

5. IOSSELLIANI for the ‘Rhinestone & Spike’ earring, $248.00

6. G-STAGE for the ‘Spike & Rhinestone’ earring, $5.60

7. GIVENCHY for the ‘Black Glass Stone’ cuff earring, $623.00

Rocker's Delight

In this next group, the NATIVE SPIRIT are pieces that are colorful, bold, and vibrant giving a balance of nature and authenticity to bohemian chic sterling silver pieces that are accented with feminine details.

Here are the Golden LOBE nominees for NATIVE SPIRIT

1. Ervin Hoskie (Navajo) for the Blue Opal Inlay sterling silver earring, $125.00

2. LaRose Gonadonegro (Navajo) for the Mediterranean coral earring, $219.00

3. Geneva Apachito (Navajo) for the Natural Dry Creek Turquoise & Blue Topaz earring, $335.00

4. MISS SELFRIDGE for the ‘assorted wood spike’ earring, on sale – $7.00

5. JEAN HATTIE (ZUNI tribe) for the sterling sliver & five wire turquoise ear cuff, $25.00

6. ZUNI tribe for the mother of pearl, coral, & turquoise butterfly earring, $66.00

7. ZUNI for the coral opal & mother of pearl inlay butterfly earring (& pendent), $149.00/set

8. ZUNI for the sterling silver five wire coral ear cuff, $25.00

9. GENEVA APACHITO (NAVAJO) for the Turquoise & Blue Topaz earring, $395.00

10. Southwestern artist LES BAKER for the sterling silver floral hoops, $105.00

11. RONALD CHAVEZ (Santo Domingo) for the multi-stone & mother of pearl carved feather earring, $115.00

12. Larry Spencer (Navajo) for the multi-stone inlay heart-shaped earring, $169.50

13. LENA PLATERO (NAVAJO) for the Emerald Valley & Royston Turquoise earring, $398.00

* please note info below for the sterling silver spiked feather cuff earring

I  just double checked, item is sold out.

If you like more inspiration feel free to PIN ME.  Also, I welcome everyone to cast their votes on which ear bling is your favorite Golden LOBE winner and share it in the comment box below.  Thanks for hanging in my neighborhood, I look forward to your next visit.

Pura Vida!

xoxo, CM

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