H.♥.M.E.S.: Home Sweet H♥me-Office (home office makeover)


Under Graffiti Mimosa’s, Haute Muse Social, I am introducing a new series called H.♥.M.E. (Harmonious. Original. Modern. Elegance).  This series will cover all things from interior design/interior decorating, beautiful living/work spaces, architecture & landscapes to great treasure fines for the home or workspace.

Instead of a “a-ha” moment this is my funny Monday “ha-ha” moment.  As I am uploading photos of my workspace.  Beyonce’s “Upgrade Ya” is booming on my Pandora radio.  YES! Ladies and Gentlemen I NEED to UPGARADE the ol’ workspace.  Due to this disastrous economy, I need to give myself an EXTREME HOME-OFFICE MAKEOVER lol.

My ideal office space would be on the beach in the Caribbean, shoot I’ll take outdoors by a lake somewhere too.  Ok, ok I confess during the warm (or hot) weather, I do take nice weekend trips to a beach outside of the city as much as I can.  Otherwise I will head over to the park or some where siting by the river enjoying the sun.  Basically if I am in the sun by water I’m in heaven.

images via Corbis

images via Corbis

my workspace.Mar-3-2013.collage

In the meantime, the place where I spend my evenings, weekends, and certain holidays is sitting in my favorite rocking chair in front of my African side table turned office desk. I have a few of my office supplies organized in things I used for something else that I’ve creatively converted for an office” purpose.

DSC03766.Mar-3-2013 (Polaroid frame) DSC03759.Mar-2-2013


The few office supply items that I use to throw all over the top of my table had to be organized and doing it without spending any m-o-n-e-y.  Below I put my binder clips in these candle votives that I had for a while from IKEA. Side note: binder clips are great for holding phone & computer cords too! I found out from another DIY project.  I picked up these binder clips on sale at Staples.  Too cute, right? I can be such a artsy girly girl at times.

Mar-3-2013.stylish binder clips.collage

This was something that had caught my eye winter of 2005 at the 14th Street Holiday Market.  It’s this antique — I guess I would describe it as a metal tin can?? made in Africa, Egypt to be exact and it fits my eclectic bohemian style. DSC03796.Mar-3-2013

I used to use it for my fresh herb teas but I wanted to put my pens, art pencils ‘n’ things in a nice cup holder… this was my best choice.  And yes, I really do write with purple ink pens or pencils.

The stick pins, paper clips, and other items I put into these jars (two small jars from IKEA and the other jar from Marshalls) I was using in my kitchen then ended up in boxes not being used.  My jewelry box is old but still in good condition, made in India (also from the 14th Street Holiday market).  I decided to use it to hold my staples instead of the box it came in which was looking torn up and ragged.

Mar-3-2013.office supply.collage

I picked up this tea-cup at the NYPL store on 5th Ave after attending this Lunch Hour exhibit last summer.


On occasion I will spend my lunch time writing in my journal at one of my favorite café spots (from back in the days).  The reason I loved this (shhh… I still want to keep it a secret) café is the cozy ambiance and with it being a small place the antique furniture pieces gives the café character.  When I get to spend my lunch time there, it’s like the modern Café Society gathering together in a fashionable café.  Just like the collective of “Beautiful People” aka “Bright Young Things” during the 19th Century — the original Café Society — coming together in fashionable restaurants or café’s of London, New York and Paris.


Jul-31-2012.collageCan’t forget the gradual upgrade in the technical department.

MacPro laptop & iPhone5.collage

Canon X50.EOS Kiss (red)

I thought about a contemporary look when I saw this display at West Elm, maybe switch up the dk. grey chair and throw pillow.

Contemporary with a pinch of vintage





DSC01865.Jan-10-2013This home office look is nice but I do love bright colors and items that are unique, eclectic and stylish.  I’m in heavy pursuit as well as preparing for the day I will get to move into a bigger living space.  In the meantime, I quickly put together few “Home Sweet Home-Office” upgrade ideas for myself that I have in mind when it’s time for me to transition.

“Home Sweet Home-Office” upgrade:

eclectic antique office.collageI LOVE this rustic yellow desk with this ethnic print chair. Then accessorize the chair and desk with a few eclectic pieces like the modern antique phone, a small cork board picture frame to post important messages and a chalk board picture frame above the desk.

petina easle and cork boad picture frames.collageI spotted this beautiful wood table, which would look great for placing a decorative home accessory favorites, a few file folders on top and holding office supplies in the draws.

DSC03816.Mar-5-2013For those days I just was to stay in bed “so-to-speak.” I would like to create a small workspace nook within the bedroom.  I loved this display at West Elm because it had a Native American inspired style (which is a BIG plus for me).  I would replace the charcoal grey chair with the yellow rocking chair from Anthropologie and switch up the throw pillow with the ones I saw at West Elm.

bedroom workspace.collage

Feel free to share your thoughts by leaving a comment below and share photos of your home office or workspace on the fan page with hash tag #HomeSweetHomeOffice.

*This post will be part of the IFB Project, “Where do you blog?,”

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