Culture Vulture (hair trend): Natural HAIRstory


The Museum of Natural HAIRstory


Haute Muse Social is back with a new post under the “Culture Vulture” series, covering beautiful effortless styles for women with natural hair, just like mine.  🙂

#FekkaiTouchMy hair story is pretty much jump in the shower throw some leave in conditioner wrap it up in a nice ballerina bun or leave it out for my curls to air dry then go on my merry way.  The year I cut my hair short, it was fun, flirty, and very quick to manage. June 2008.cropped (gld antique frame) Whenever I was in the mood to blow out my hair for a shiny, bouncy, light as a feather look.  I would go to the salon for a wash, a deep protein mask (15-20 minutes under the hair dryer) then a roller set which took 45 minutes sometimes longer all depending on the length it grew at the time.  After coming out from under the dryer, my stylist would spritz my hair with very light leave-in conditioning spray that would give my hair this awesome shine.  No alcohol products and definitely none of that stiff weighed down oily look.

Below is a collage of my blown-out hairstyles, over the years, which varied from my favorite honey blonde color to a nice my natural brownish-red hair color.  One time I experimented with dying my hair black… UGH! It was the worst thing I did. I swear it took 4 lifetimes for that color to grow out completely which I ended up having to chop a good chunk of the ends off just to be completely rid of it.  I will NEVER EVER do that again.


The flexibility of going from curly to straight is fun but honestly I do LOVE wearing my girly curls out and LOVE my girly curl “bun-head” hairstyles the most.  It’s all about keeping my hair moisturized, soft, shiny, never dried out form products with alcohol in it, never stiff & weighed-down with oily products — effortless and beautiful.  Today’s post is part of the IFB Project submission and they have partnered up with Frederick Fekkai  to do a contest of the most creative interpretation of what the #FekkaiTouch means to the person.  The winner will get a complimentary cut and blowout at one of the Fekkai Studios nearest to them.  I put together a mini gallery of beautiful natural hairstyles that not only inspires the Fekkai Touch but also the freedom to express my HAIRstory when identifying with my hair texture.

After a wash & deep conditioner,  soft, hydrated, light weight curls presents the best look for natural hair.


I will always love these particular strawberry blonde & honey blonde colors then switch it up with a warm cherry-wood (bright auburn) color which is the color I have now.  I have my days when I’ve squeezed the last drop of leave-in conditioner or moisturizing sheen which I end up tossing my fingers through my hair and make do.  The following three hairstyles have been the hair inspiration during those days.




In this next set of gallery photos, I am inspired by these very pretty and elegant looks that are different from the variations of my classic yet elegant “bun-head” hairstyles.

a beautiful natural updo twist that is chignon inspired = pure elegance!

#FekkaiTouchokay both of these hairstyles are more on a casual side. It’s a look that can be both casual and glammed-up a bit.  I’ve worn a pretty sun dress at brunch or with a simple cocktail dress for a gathering  even when I go running or to yoga, LOL.

#FekkaiTouchI LOVE, LOVE, LOVE both of these hairstyles. One for my girly curls days and the other when I blow it out.  This is a goal for me, enough said.

Thank you for stopping by for a visit.  Please feel free to share your comments below and if you have a hairstyle that is inspiring. I would love to know about it, visit my FB fan page to post your Hairstory.

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12 thoughts on “Culture Vulture (hair trend): Natural HAIRstory

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    • thank you for your comment, it’s cool reading them… and claro que si! (yes of course) I will be visiting your blog soon. I do most of my relaxing & reading over the weekends and if I’m lucky I get to relax with a glass of wine and read in the evening during work week.

      See ya soon! 🙂

    • Hi Alyssa,

      Yes it so true! the dry & frizzies drive me bonkers! and I had one of those days yesterday — due to the all day rain affair of course, LOL.

      Thank you kindly for visiting, hope to have you back as a permanent reader.

      Happy blogging!

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