Israeli Students converting Union Sq. into a Street Lab

DSC05378.Graffiti Mimosa (Street Smartz).May-7-2013
On Tuesday, May 7th, Graffiti Mimosa along with many New Yorkers and tourists, had the opportunity to attend a special event held at Union Square. Underneath the big white tent a variety of “ordinary” kids from Israel, created technological solutions that will one day change the future by helping many people with certain disabilities or save lives. These teens may find themselves to be ordinary with hobbies they enjoy but they are not just ordinary they are intelligent and innovative. Having the opportunity to present their start-up projects themselves to the press, the public and while visiting students at other high schools in New York.
Israel’s “start-up nation” of amazing teenagers are studying at the Israel Sci-Tech School Network (ISTSN), learning ways to make a difference in the world by incorporating science, technology, engineering and math also known as the STEM model.
DSC05380.Graffiti Mimosa (Street Smartz).May-7-2013

In Israel the technology industry has thrived over the last 10 years creating future opportunities for high school graduates. First it starts at the Israel Sci-Tech Schools Network, an Israeli nonprofit that reaches out to the youth in Israel. These Israel Sci-Tech School Networks — the equivalent to the American Charter Schools –are the largest educational network in Israel. The mission is to implement a 10 year plan to convert 50 schools into academies that specialize in science and technology. With hopes to reduce the economic gap and change the landscape of employment in specific areas in Israel.

The event was called, Street Labs, a project based learning program from the Israel Sci-Tech Schools. Currently the STEM model is incorporated in a little over 200 hundred educational institutions throughout Israel. Here are a few of the top Sci-Tech students with their latest developments.

Students designing a food allergy app called, AllergyAPP that will detect foods like peanuts, lactose, soy, eggs etc., that will trigger unpleasant or life-threatening allergies for someone who suffers with it. All it takes is a data base list of products & ingredients that will trigger an allergic reaction, the products barcodes and a smart phone. When a shopper goes to the market, he/she will use their smart phone to scan the products barcode then immediately receive a message on the screen if it is on their allergy list.

In this photo, 17-year-old Israeli student, Yehuda Negosi along with his fellow classmates (not shown in the photo) Shahaf Har Even and Avi Solomoni recognizes the lethal combination of alcohol and being indestructible lead to teenagers becoming very dangerous drivers on the road. Their target market is teen drivers, their parents, insurance companies and employers with company cars. These student’s came up with a solution that will immediately stop teens who had too much to alcohol, Preventing Drunk Driving.

DSC05373.Graffiti Mimosa (Street Smartz).May-7-2013How it works: a driver will get into the car, before turning on the car he/she enters an id number into a keypad. Once on the database, any detection of alcohol the device will automatically video call the driver’s parents at home through SKYPE. Depending on the results after taking a breathalyzer test the parents will be able to remotely control the engine ignition.

To create a savvy technological device like this, the components needed are —video cameras connecting the driver and their parents; a device that will measure any amount of alcohol in the air; one breathalyzer; electrical circuit to connect the computer to the sensors, switches and cables; lastly a robotic voice/sound card informing the driver if he/she can drive or not.

DSC05376.Graffiti Mimosa (Street Smart).May-7-2013

DSC05369.Graffiti Mimosa (Street Smartz).May-7-2013Epilepsy is a brain disorder leads to the loosing control of the body. Elit Manas and Gilad Zilberman have developed a device that will detect the beginning stages of an epileptic seizure using a specially developed algorithm.

The brain activity connects to a processor, known as the Arduino Uno. The electrical activity will transmit from an EEG that is attached from the scalp recording epileptic seizures (so hoping this is understood correctly, eeek…LOL). At that point it will execute a signal to the person’s mobile via the blue-tooth device sending a message by way of internet to a third-party (most likely their emergency contact). Also, a speaker on the device will tell the person an epileptic seizure is about to occur. Allowing that person a chance to be in a safe place so no harm will happen to them.

DSC05371.Graffiti Mimosa (Street Smartz).May-7-2013Another amazing project, a device to help the visually impaired walk independently created by Sci-Tech teens, Yishay Veg and Tomer Shaked. Inspired by the automotive industry for the sensor alarms on the front & back bumpers of cars. They created a “seeing eye device” to work in two ways: (1) it is attached to the blind person’s torso inputting signals when approaching nearby obstacles. (2) it is attached to the waist that will identify obstacles at ground level, like stairs going down, hole in the ground, sidewalk curb etc. When approaching any of these obstacles a warning single will alert them.

photo from ISTS Network FB page.

photo from ISTS Network FB page.

There were many more projects showcased under the big tent but Wow!! These teens are definitely examples of innovative possibilities that could make a big difference in the future.

Here’s a video of how “ordinary” these amazing teens are.

Are you inspired? Are you a teenager or elementary school kid (or know of any kids or teens) working on something amazing, innovative and creative, that could change the future or be beneficial in someone’s life? Feel free to let us know about it & post on our fan page here. Also, don’t forget to leave a comment below to share your thoughts too.

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