C My Style (street style): Milk-maid Braid


Graffiti Mimosa (C My StyLe).Chelsea Market.May-24-2013

Today’s Style Socialite is Angelina visiting NYC from North Carolina during the Memorial Weekend. Although it rained throughout her vacation, she ended up with this sophisticated and effortless hairstyle. Some fashionistas have called it the “milk maid braid.” Angelina’s two inverted braids are beautifully swooped together in hair clip (creating a low side-angle pony-tail) then easily tucked under in a side angle. A great style for brides-to-be, bridesmaids or prom girls.

We LOVE Angelina’s natural red hair and her “milk-maid braid” hairstyle, thank you for being our current “Haute Socialite” and allowing Graffiti Mimosa to take a quick glam shot!Graffiti Mimosa (Haute Muse Social).May-24-2013.collageDon’t be shy it’s ok to share your thoughts by leaving a comment below. Be sure to stop by to see who will be the next “Haute Socialite” for Haute Muse Social’s, C My Style.

Thanks again visiting!

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