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Many of us enjoyed our 20’s, exploring life after college being free-spirited, filling our social life with memorable experiences and some of us possibly unsure of our professional and/or personal future. In turning 30, we think about life from a different perspective. Learning, growing and becoming inspired. Focused on which path will lead us towards financial security and who we are destined to be professionally and personally. Hopefully by our 40s and up, we all would have become financially secured, established in our career, pride and joy over loved ones, wiser about life to share and pass along to our children and generations to come. During this time start preparing for that next plateau of achievements that will bring greater purpose to our families lives.

Best described by Wendy Williams — while luxuriating over the 4th of July holiday. I came across a debate about prohibiting genetically engineered babies. Yeah I know pretty heavy topic while on holiday. Which also had me hesitant about writing this post too — so I stopped typing and saved it for today just so I can delete this post from my draft folder (lol). Instead I posted a question on FB then made an attempt to go back into the 1,000 degree heat. Without fully being informed with the pros and cons, I immediately thought: “hmph! oh brotha here goes science wanting money just to have a reason to better society by creating bionic-babies, LOL.” Surprisingly enough I stayed in the a/c for a little bit longer, growing interested in hearing both sides. As well as curious to the number of votes of those who were supportive of a mini “Six Million Dollar Man” or mini “Bionic Woman” vs. those who were opposed to this form of genetic mutation — oops, sorry I meant genetic engineering. But to be fair as always and having sense of humor. I kept an open mind, enjoyed an ice-cold cocktail and didn’t turn off the television.

After watching this debate, I must admit I can understand and agree with both sides. The question I found myself asking:“Can my bionic-babies have super powers too or will they end up being part of some real life mutant population?” LOL, Ok all jokes aside, who on earth would be able to afford this?? I’m sure this type of medical procedure would not accept MediCare or any other health care plan? Will there be a “robo-baby” lay-away plan or monthly installment options?  I mean scientists are talking $1,000s of dollars maybe millions of dollars — uh, yeah that’s a no bueno for those who are not wealthy. There have been couples who are ready to have a family of their own and might not be able to. Investing $1000s of dollars of their life savings towards various fertility options (which is NOT cheap) with the hope of getting pregnant, becoming a success the first time.

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Yes I get it a world free of genetic illnesses or diseases and prevention of birth defects. But is it morally right for a parent not stopping there but taking it further to control the hair color, eye color, height, intelligence or sex of their baby? Will it only be for the rich or those who are superficial about their own looks as it is and want to genetically enhance just to have an “un-scarred, beautiful & perfect baby.” What about the good ol’ fashion way of procreating, will that become extinct? Would humanity continue conceiving naturally and possibly deprive an unborn child this scientific opportunity? I know that’s extreme but these were the thoughts swirling around in my brain. Science having that ability to prevent certain genetic traits that are health risks could end up getting out of control. If science and technology truly believe in this, then it will have to benefit ALL social classes without getting a “I AM GOD” complex. Put it this way like I said earlier, I totally get both sides point of view. If there were serious concerns it would be an option, if affordable, I would be open to. But since there aren’t any seriously major genetic concerns  (thank you LORD!), I’m still on the fence with this one folks.

Ok before you can answer these questions. I wanted to share with you Intelligence Squared’s debate (full video is below) that aired on PBS in February so you too can have clarity (if you do already, cool).

HOW DO YOU WANT YOUR BABY: GENETICALLY ENGINEERED OR ORGANIC? I am curious to how my readers think and how they feel about Genetically Engineered Babies? Doesn’t matter if you’re a woman, man, single, married, parents or your cultural background. All are welcome to engage.

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Please feel free to share your thoughts and comments below as well as on FB. All I ask is for everyone sharing & commenting to be respectful towards one another.

Thank you for taking the time to read and watch the video.



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