Sunday’s KooL: Humble Me


DSC07723.Graffiti Mimosa.11-5-2013I have shared a few photos of when I’m out ‘n’ about practicing and enjoying one of my hobbies. These particular photos were take during my lunch hour. The afternoon was filled with these amazing earthy colors, I was getting caught up enjoying nature in its beauty. I was almost late getting back. But I did my best with my Sony camera to capture the visions of my mind’s eye.

DSC07725.Graffiti Mimosa.11-5-2013 My Sunday afternoons are usually my down time, which means Sunday’s will be my day off from thinking about the blog or social media stuff. Instead I spend it looking through photos I have taken while practicing with my cameras/experimenting with a few new camera apps on the iPhone (sometimes after church, I will get a few shots in here and there) then slow down my Sunday evenings catching up on my reading or catching a few shows & movies or watching a football game (Go Jets! Go Noles!).

“Sunday’s KooL” is just never forgetting where we come from, being grateful for the smallest things and the joys of life. These particular posts are already scheduled so I’m really not in the wRiTeR’s rOOm right now typing this… hahaha!

While I was going through photos I wanted to share with you today and thinking of a title/topic. This song by Norah Jones, Humble Me, popped up on Pandora — I thought, that’s it, on that particular afternoon I was being reminded of a few things, it was humbling — so okay! Also, tomorrow (November 11, 2011) will be an anniversary for Graffiti Mimosa. The day when I officially made the decision to further explore what my heART desires and what would be a roller-coaster journey of many lessons to learn, trials and errors, late nights, challenges, excitement and having fun. And I need to think about the year to come for Graffiti Mimosa.

the blog …the name …redesigning the blog & business cards …always learning more about social media & branding …networking for professional growth (a few awesome leads others, meh?) …what’s next?

pfft, A LOT!!

DSC07726.Graffiti Mimosa.11-5-2013

DSC07729.Graffiti Mimosa.11-5-2013

DSC07733.Graffiti Mimosa.11-5-2013Well, I was given this bit of advice recently. “People will not understand/get what it is you want to do, some won’t be supportive or they probably won’t care about the things you are focused on pursing. Which is okay, especially if you’re grounded in who YOU ARE. You’ve already connected with souls like yourself — like minded souls. These people have known you since birth and/or known you for more than 10+ years (you know those friendships since childhood). These are the people who support your dreams, share the tears but end up making you laugh, you will set each other straight risk a few “we’re not speaking days” but it will always be like a day has never been missed. Look here’s the thing do not worry about the progress/success of everyone else. There is one Divine spirit that matters. Just call on Him for anything, He’s got your back in this life. Always have and forever will, trust that and never forget it. Always be humble, have compassion for others, give back, always pray and remember your blessings are for you NO ONE could ever take that from you and if they try… well… like I said, He already knows and it’s alreadytaken care of.”

So you ask, what’s next??

Trusting in my faith through out this humble journey.

DSC07734.Graffiti Mimosa.11-5-2013DSC07735.Graffiti Mimosa.11-5-2013DSC07739.Graffiti Mimosa.11-5-2013DSC07740.Graffiti Mimosa.11-5-2013My Sunday is KooL, how’s your Sunday?

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