Originated in New York, Graffiti Mimosa is a weekly culture and lifestyle publication dedicated to serving a high-end readership quality content that will enrich the lives of people from diverse cultures. Graffiti Mimosa strives to highlight emerging creatives, celebrate the history of life, elevate cultural traditions with a modern/innovative twist and share new lifestyle developments within communities. Graffiti Mimosa is a collective of unique and eclectic stories about (and for) people with out-sized imaginations, serendipitous experiences, limitless aspirations, EXTRAordinary possibilities and are destined to living an enriched life with a purpose.

Graffiti Mimosa is committed to do its best to facilitate the exchange of information that will reflect the identity of how Afro-Latinos and Native peoples of the Americas & Caribbean define themselves and who they are.




Many diverse people around the world play a big part in engaging themselves on how the culture is shaped or formed. With attention to detail, truthful issues and proven facts. Graffiti Mimosa would like to offer distinctive ways that will highlight real stories that will empower people throughout the world.



Everyone has their own unique style and alluring beauty remedies to compliment the nature of who they are. The influence of Native American, Indigenous-Caribbean and Afro-Latin cultures within the fashion and beauty industries can (and should) serve as an expression to compliment men, women, and children in ways that are wearable, sustainable, unique, budget friendly to luxury and of course stylish. Most importantly — enhancing the strength, growth and productivity of these cultures and not the stereotype. 

Graffiti Mimosa will do its best to enhance the nature and the creative influence within fashion trends, runway & street styles, beauty tips & secrets, design and let’s not forget those great shopping deals too!



¡Pura vida! a phrase that’s not only about happiness, it’s about finding your joy, an emotion, an attitude and a way to live life — a phrase the founder has adapted in her personal life and plans to incorporate throughout the growth of Graffiti Mimosa.

So many people have paved the way to make great strides in education, giving back to their community, career advancement, their relationships, strength & growth of family, ways to better their health and balance their personal lives. Graffiti Mimosa aspires to have a best-friend mentality with its readers. Showcasing healthy lifestyles, spiritual growth, empower humanity, positive and loving ways to communicate with one another, economic developments and visionary ways to attract a prolific, abundant, and prosperous life.

“One’s destination is never a place but a new way of seeing things.” ~Henry Miller

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