¡La Pura Vida!

I am a ‘creative visioneiress’ because I will ultimately do something from my mind’s eye that will define me as a woman being able to intuitively pull elements together to form a cohesive vision. I am also a ‘creative entrepreneur’ perusing a few endeavors that compliment my talents. I developed Graffiti Mimosa Magazine as another addition to my creative lifestyle but most importantly based on my musings of serendipity — best described as my happy accidents throughout life’s overwhelming demands, complexities and chaos. Along with introducing myself to the world by providing fresh insight on anything of interest and share my serendipitous discoveries. Just to have readers feel excited about people, a neighborhood or a city in parts of the world yet known to them. I aim to inspire a new generation of people by documenting everyone’s journey (and mine too!) as the day comes and captivating imaginations all over the world.

Since I am shy (no lie, it’s true), I thought I answer a few fun questions as an easy way to share a piece of who I AM with you…

If you were to be a graffiti artist in the 80s, what would be your tag name?

Hahahaha! my tag name? ummm… I would use LeidhiBugSOL. *giggles* Yeah I said it… what!


my bad attempt at tagging on a brick wall… yikes! LOL.

What inspires your creativity?

my spiritual connection, my lineage and simply relaxing near water.

What do you love?

Sunrises & sunsets; graffit & street art; ladybugs; peacocks; dogs; the beach; beautiful sunflowers; photography; all types of music; shoes and of course BROOKLYN!!!!!!

What would your life’s soundtrack be?

Is This Love” & “Sun Is Shining” ~Bob Marley

“Beautiful,” “Eyes of the Heart” & “This Too Shall Pass” ~India Arie

“New Years,” “I’ll Go Crazy If I Don’t Go Crazy Tonight” & “Beautiful Day” ~U2

– “Mais Que Nada,” ~Jorge Benjor & Sergio Mendes & Brasil ’66 version

“My Life” ~Mary J. Blige

– “La Mer” ~Chantel Chamberland

“Brooklyn” ~Mos Def & “Brooklyn We Go Hard” ~JayZ f/ SantoGold

“South Bronx” ~Boogie Down Productions

“Empire State of Mind” ~Jay-Z f/ Alicia Keys

“Summer Madness” ~Kool & The Gang

– “Clar de lune” ~Achille-Claude Debussy

“In A Sentimental Mood” ~Duke Ellington & John Coltrane

“Fly Away” ~Lenny Kravitz

– “A Sunday Kind of Love” ~Etta James

“Come Away with Me” & “Back to Manhattan” ~Norah Jones

If you came with a ‘Warning Label’ what would it read?

prone to uncontrollable giggling or laughing & sharing a smile w/ a stranger

pure soul & humble heart

 will NOT share her Haribo Gold gummi bears

 LOVEs those little crumb snatchers (yep talkin’bout kids, lol)

shy but will happily engage in social activities or gatherings

when the mood strikes, will dance in the rain to samba music (& chair dance too!)

 might be a closet graffiti/street artist (hahaha! yeah right!) & geek of James Bond, Star Trek, graphic novels & DC/Marvel comics turned into films

What have you been busted doing?

walking down the street to the tune of “Staying Alive” by the BeeGees and lip syncing to “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” by Tears for Fears

What is your style?

Eclectic — mixing eras, cultures, music genres, vintage heirlooms and new loves. With femininity, sensuality, natural beauty, effortless and comfort all being my common aesthetic.

Any obsessions?

Footwear & accessories; writing in purple ink; 80s music; vintage cameras & typewriters; Polaroid style pictures; ocean views; graffiti & street art; fashion illustrations; beautiful architectures; manis & pedis, lipstick or lip-gloss and perfume.

Blow off steam by:

working out and/or running in addition to treating myself to a beauty day or a few cocktails & vibing to music with a my favorite peeps (you all know who you are).

Do you have a favorite secret place?


Any enjoyable activities?

Activities: running, water aerobics, bike riding, tennis, dancing to music, shoe-shopping, yoga & taking photos around the city.

Craziest hobby: 

collecting memorabilia that has to do with Bob Marley, Brooklyn, graffiti art/fashion illustrations, peacocks, sunflowers, ladybugs and vintage cameras & typewriters.

Slightly addicted to:

watching certain sports games, playing Monopoly, new vocabulary words and noticing or using a good ‘wordplay’ in written works.

What are you passionate about?

To live an extraordinary life with a purpose and remaining connected to who I AM by never forgetting where I came from.

What would be your greatest endeavor or future goal in life?

Hmmm… my greatest endeavor — having my own family and in achieving success I stay humble & compassionate towards others. My future goal — an advocate for charitable causes that are very important to me and close to my heart.

Weekend Must-do’s:

a few (if possible more) new experiences and when possible travel.

One word or phrase:



I hope every one of you will enjoy reading about “life’s happy accidents.” As much as I will have great joy in using this platform as a blank canvas to express the passions within all of our hearts. 

My Sunday Kind of Loves…

 and Feel free to connect with me directly:


photo credit: © 2005-2010, LeidhiBugSOL

2 thoughts on “Founder

    • oh wow! thank you kindly for your comment and becoming a new reader of mine.

      I am glad I came across your blog as well and I’m looking forward to reading more from your blog.

      I appreciate the support from my new readers. I’ve had plenty of bumps & hiccups putting this together and a bit of doubt too, but I’m enjoy this too much to give up so I’m just preparing and gearing up for a much greater year in 2013.


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