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Luv2Write? and want to be part of the Purple InK Entourage (p.InK.e.)? Here’s the information to contribute to the blog of an up & coming multimedia online platform, Graffiti Mimosa Magazine, email us directly at, be sure to type: p.InK.e. and the topic you specialize in within the subject line.

(ex: p.InK.e. – ART; or p.InK.e. – MUSIC; or p.InK.e. – LOCAL NEWS… etc, etc.)

Tips & Guidelines*all photos: (c) 2012 LeidhiBugSOL

Please note: We do not trade products for post write-up’s. If we believe in the mission of the company or business owner(s) and their product/services based on the origin of Graffiti Mimosa, it will be mentioned.

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