Health and Wellness

SOLEvolution is the health and wellness category of Graffiti Mimosa. SOLEvolution is knowing there’s a Divine presence towards a prolific life. Promoting life-long fitness, spiritual balance and being in complete wholeness. A shared journey in lifestyle transformations,  the fight against heart disease, bronchial asthma/chronic bronchitis and the struggles with hunger one step at a time.

My Adventure’s in RUNderland, is part of SOLEvolution which from-time-to-time the Founder will share her personal journey as a new runner and other lifestyle transitions to live a healthier life. DSC04555.3-23-2013 (Polaroid frame).Graffiti Mimosa On our Pinterest board is The wRiTe FiT, also part of SOLEvolution. Pinning photos, videos, quotes to motivate you and health tips that will bring awareness towards making healthier life decisions.

SOLEvolution is an awareness on living healthy and providing resourceful ways to accelerate our transition to higher consciousness.

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